Unleashing the Hordes of Change
 Unleashing the Hordes of Change - Tzeentch - Warhammer - 6th edition - Hordes of Chaos - Realm of Chaos - Freehand

If you are familiar with Warhammer Fantasy Battles 6th edition and your soul belongs to Chaos, you had to know the eponymous illustration from the Hordes of Chaos army book – “Unleashing the Hordes of Change”. What’s more, if you have had occasion to play Warhammer: Mark of Chaos game, you would surely remember the teaser with two-headed Tzeentch giant. Link to the teaser is below:

He was my inspiration to paint this banner. I made the sculpture by myself with small support in the shape of Games Workshop bits and wonderful candle set from MiniMonsters.

I hope that the banner will be proudly flying over the mighty Tzeentch army.

Unleashing the Hordes of Change

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