Miniature Painting Service

If you are looking for a studio that will paint your army, a unit, a monster, a hero and above all an interesting banner, or will finish a model with a freehand ... - you've come to the right place. We mainly deal with Warhammer Fantasy Battles, T9A systems but the Warhammer 40k universe is no stranger to us, just like repainting X-Wing.

FallenSUN - Miniature Painting Studio - Miniature Painting Service - Wargaming Painter - Amarell

FallenSun studio has one level of painting. Our motto is to paint models as best as we can do. We try to suprise our customers, offering them for free something more, like small conversion or ornaments on some parts of the models. We stick to the principle: each model is special, and if we have inspiration why not do something additional to mark out the model from the rest of a unit?

Type (Ordinary units)

Small Infantry: Goblin, Gnoblar

Infantry: Swordmaster of Hoeth, Saurus Warrior, Chaos Warrior

Large Infantry: Space Marine, Wrathmonger, Putrid Blightking

Cavalry (rider + mount): Knight of the Realm, Dreadblade Harrows

Monstrous Infantry: Ogre, Minotaur, Troll

Medium Vehicles and Machines: Land Speeder, Attack Bike, Stormtalon Gunship, Stormhawk Interceptor, Dreadnought

Large Machines and Vehicles: HellCannon, Rhino, Land Rider

Characters are the best models from the army. We pay high attention to details and additional features likes special painting techniques or different base. We have one level of painting and these prices include all the extra measures which we take to make them look magnificent.

Type (Characters)

Small Infantry: Goblin Shaman

Infantry: Empire Captain, Assasain, Teclis

Large Infantry: Primaris Captain, Gutrot Spume, Lord of Blights, Exalted Champion on foot

Cavalry: Bretonnian Duke, Dark Elf Noble on Dark Steed, Orc Warboss on Boar

Monstrous Characters: Doombull, Character on Pegasus

Monsters or Characters on Monstrous Beasts: Shaggoth, Giant, Beastmaster on Manticore

Large Monsters with Ridders: Dragon with rider (Terrorgheist), Griffon with Rider (old Empire General on Griffon)

Nagash, Archaon Everchosen (and similar)

Each price includes: model painting + finishing a base + protective lackguering with Munitorum Varnish. The customer can send us models or as well, we can buy it in our local store, and paint them for you. Naturally, the cost of buying models will be included in total price.

Before painting, a client decides the thematic scheme and a colour pattern. The realization period depends on the numbers of models and free time, which I have in my disposal.

After finishing the project, we always send pictures of painted models. If the client is satisfied and there is no minor corrections, we prepare the package for shipping.

After, the booking of money onto my account, we send carefully packaged models to the customer. We do not accept Paypal. The only possible way of payment is bank transfer on our account.

We esteem our work, so models are safe within the box filled with bubblewrap and hardcarton, to limit a chance of possible damaging.

Insurance is optional and it costs extra. We do not take responsiblaty for models that were sent without the insurance. This matter is entirely in the hands of the selected transporter. The shippment vary slighlty. For further information, please contact me. We offer services from transporters such as EMS Courier and UPS Courier or simple standard shipping.

We do not accept commissions that include previoulsy painted plastic models or the ones made of Finecast. If the client wants to have such a work, it should be mentioned beforehand and consulted with me. The painted metal figurines are accepted.

Amarell paints both - individual models as well as units, monsters and heroes. She is not limited only to figurines from the Warhammer Fantasy Battles system. She has painted whole armies for Lord of the Rings system as well.

Thorash paints heroes and monsters from different systems and games. He is our studio master of freehands and banners with detailed finishing. For such works, prices are calculated individually.

For examples of painted simple models and heroes, please visit our gallery.

Each price is only initial. For detailed pricing, please contact us: or . Send us a message with exact numbers and names of models, as well as information about conversions, colours patterns and preferences, including thematic schemes for figurines and bases.