FallenSUN Battle Party 2
Tournament - Warhammer - Chaos Wastes FallenSUN Battle Party - 6th edition - Zduńska Wola

Name: FallenSUN Battle Party 2
Date: 2016.12.17
City: Zduńska Wola
Venue: Starszakowo

The big comeback to Warhammer 6th edition !!! FallenSun studio returned to good old days (in our opinion). We organized a tournament for 6 people and invited our friends to play battles till the morning. We managed to play 4 battles with armies of 1500pts (without Special Characters, Dogs of War and Storm of Chaos choices). The main and most important requirement for us was to have a painted army.

In the battlefield, we could see:

- Bretonnia (Amy)
- Dwarves (Remo)
- Ogre Kingdom (Kudłacz)
- High Elves (Miklas)
- Orcs and Goblins (Profi)
- Daemonic Legion (Thorash)

Big thanks and respects for YoungOlo and Darg whom we owned photos from that day as well as pleasant time spent during battles.

Tournament - Warhammer - Chaos Wastes Battle Party - 6th edition - Zduńska Wola

Congratulations to the winner of the tournament - Profi. He made a high score, winning all four battles with big differences in points. Well deserved win my friend! As the painting studio, we pay extra attention to the painting but most of all to the fun flowing from such meetings. For these reasons, we made the medal from a potato as the symbol of happiness and lack of winning at all cost. It is a kind of joke :D Profi (the true orcish general) found that the food (a slice of potato) is more valuable than gold ! You can see his reaction in the photo below :)


Tournament - Warhammer - Chaos Wastes Battle Party - 6th edition - Zduńska Wola

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2016.12.17 BattleParty#2

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