MakeWay #4

Name: MakeWay! #4
Date: 2015.06.20
City: Warsaw
Venue: Adeptus Mechanicus

Thorash was  6 / 18 players

Three ETC battles: 0:20 (vs Vampire Counts) 14:6 (vs Skaven) 20:0 (vs Vampire Counts) This was very important tournament for me, because it was my last time when I could play on 8th official edition of WFB. Imo I had nice place because I play very rarely on ETC rules. At this event full painted armies were not restricted... anyway 16/18 players come with finished stuff. (this is great)

Thanks for
Bearded Unclean 'Un
for great photos:

2015.06.20 MakeWay#4

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