Szturm #8

Name: SZTURM #8
Date: 2015.05.31
City: Warsaw
Venue: Adeptus Mechanicus

Warhammer - Daemons of Chaos - Beasts of Nurgle - Pestilent Beasts - t9a
Thorash was 2 of 12 players

Thorash was 3 of 12 players

Before tournament I finished painting my latest two Beasts of Nurgle and gave final touches for my Bloodthirster.

At this event we may play only painted stuff (same like fallenSun love to play). I had fought with great oponents, learned new skills and spent great time. I played three battles (2,5k pts) against WoCH, VC and VC. My high score and first position in ranking I do mainly with my unstopable luck especially in last battle. When org sum other points I fell from first place.

It was great time with 12 full painted beautiful armies above.

Thanks for
Adeptus Mechanicus
for great photos:

2015.05.30 Szturm#8 (b)

and our crapy photos maked by calculaTHOR...

2015.05.30 Szturm#8

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