Day of Thorash'15

Name: Day of Thorash
Date: 2015.02.07
City: Zduńska Wola
Venue: Starszakowo

Warhammer - THORASH - Fallensun - t9a

Happy birthday for Thorash !!! Today he finished 26 years old. Except of many great presents from guests and delicious food (especially the Chaos cake), he played huge game with the best friends.

There were 10k points of full painted WYSIWYG models on the table. The sides were halfed to Order and Destruction forces. We used The End Times rules.

Order + Neutral:
High Elves(1k)
The Empire(1k)
Wood Elves(1k)
Ogre Kingdoms(1k)

Legion of Khorne(1,5k)
Skarsnik Horde of Goblins (1,25k)
Vampire Counts (1,25k)

We had played over 12h, there was a lot of laughting, joy and epic situations on the table. The best of are:

- Goblin Great Shaman stole the Stone of Midnight talisman from Alith Anar special character, using a Little Waaagh! spell from The End Times: Nikkit! Nikkit!

- Bloodthrister wasn't touched by the whole Order artillery but finally was slain by the few little elven arrows (nor armour and ward saves protected him)

- Pegasus Knights had successfully long distance charge to Tuskgor Chariot and broke him, winning a combat phase.

- Bretonnian Lord held for many turns Great Horde of Goblins with Skarsnik special character within it.

We must explain two things. Firstly, the red table is damaged and we decided to play on it because Thorash has affection about it. The table is from old times when he was learning playing WFB and this was 16 years ago. Secondly, our dear friend YoungOlo has a funny picture with pirate band. We created a curse for player who had bad luck and we named it: The Curse of Long Drong Pirate. So as you can see, YoungOlo worn it many times. Our friends surely remember more epic situations from that battle. We assume that they will write about it :)

2015.02.08 Day of Thorash'15

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