Valentine's Battle Day'15

Name: Valentine's Battle Day
Date: 2015.02.14
City: ZduƄska Wola
Venue: Fallensun Sanctuary of Chaos

Warhammer - AMARELL - THORASH - Fallensun - Bretonnia - Beasts of Chaos - t9a

Hello everyone !!! Today love is in the air so we have something really sweet and lovely for you guys :)

In this special day after we watched a movie in the cinema and ate a romantic dinner with candles and Spanish music in the background, we decided to switch music to battle drums and play a Warhammer Fantasy Battle game.

We made 1k points rosters for Bretonnia and Beastmen armies (old enemies from old but gold times - when we met each other from the first time). For magic phase we used The End Times rules from Khaine book.

So below you can see photos from that game (sorry for crappy quality of images). From the bretonnian side, I can say that Thorash had a big luck with distance charge to my Trebuchet - there was 16" from his Beastlord and he rolled exactly 5+6 result on dices. Sadly, this was a very important action because I lost whole game rather than drawn it.

2015.02.14 Valentine

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