Rohan Royal Guards
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“Where now are the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing?”

Do you hear horses hoof beat? Do you see galloping stallions? Be aware of crushing, yet, beautiful charge of the Riders of Rohan!

As I had mentioned some time ago, I started a new project which involves the models from The Lord of the Rings saga. The plan assumes painting the models from Riddermark in 3 stages. The first one includes 5 mounted Royal Guard figurines and one well-known Horse Lord of Rohan – Éomer on foot and mounted. The two other steps are still secrets, so if you are interested about what kind of models I will paint – stay tuned. I will be posting updates!

I must admit that it was a pleasure to paint them even though they are produced in a smaller scale than the standard ones for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I just fall in love with the Rohan’s horses! They are very dynamic and slim with perfect muscles lines. I tried to do the dappled horses for the first time in my life, and I am pleased with the final effect. I hope you like them too.

As for the main scheme for the clothes and armor, it follows the standard colour palette proposed by the manufacturer. The green cloaks are brighter than the normal ones, which you typically came across. I used the layered effect.

Below, you can see all the photos of the Third Marshal of Riddermark and his loyal Royal Guards.

Rohan Royal Guards

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