FallenSun is trying to be a Miniature Painting Studio (Wargames Painting Service) if You like our works especially freehands :) check this:

Miniature Painting Service
Malowanie modeli

Banner - Freehand FallenSUN - Standard - Warhammer - Miniature Painting Studio

FallenSun was created by Amarell and Thorash - two people whose love their hobby of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and want to share it with others. Our adventure with Warhammer has started in 2000 year and still remain. We love gamming, painting and fluff of the WFB, with the same power and never favour any of these three parts.

In our aim is sharing to You:

- raports of various battles - sometimes with freak uncommon scenerios
- galleries of our models
- review of hobby events where we attended

Sometimes You will see:

- our models for sale
- black hobby humour :D

Our motto from Daemons of Chaos 7ed (p64):

"Paint as you go. There's nothing more soul-destroying than watching your army build up unpainted...."